• Mistaken Identity: Will the Real Tropical Sage Please Step Forward

    By Laurie Sheldon When I lived in northeast Florida, I was notified of an article about tropical sage in the newspaper, the author of which happened/happens to be a friend of mine. What I found to be somewhat alarming, however, was the photo attached to the story. It was not of the native tropical sage, …

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  • THEY are the Champions

    By Laurie Sheldon In the Beginning American Forests magazine has maintained a list of the biggest trees of each species in America since 1940. It began as the “American Big Trees Report,” was re-titled the “Social Register of Big Trees” in 1961, and in 1978 it became the “National Register of Big Trees” – a …

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  • Ecopsychology

    By Laurie Sheldon Ecopsych: Definition and Applications What is Ecopsychology and why does it matter? The term Ecopsychology, coined by Theodore Roszak in his 1992 text entitled The Voice of the Earth, can be vaguely defined as a study of the interrelationship between humans and nature. Essentially, Ecopsychology brings concepts of ecology into the largely …

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  • Know Before You Grow: All Lantanas Are NOT Created Equal

    By Laurie Sheldon Lantana camara, commonly known as lantana and/or shrub verbena, can (unfortunately) be found throughout the state of Florida. It is a Category 1 invasive species, according to the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council. Category 1 species are defined as: Invasive exotics that are altering native plant communities by displacing native species, changing …

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  • Interview with the designer

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  • Succulent garden workshop

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