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Formaneta is an urban oasis, specializing in unique arrangements for commercial and residential customers, interior and exterior landscape designs, living wall installations, urban farming solutions and more.

Our promise is to help you find your way back to nature and bring natural beauty to your home, office and your special day. Formaneta’s style is an attempt to invite nature back to our space and lifestyle in the most natural and organic way.

Our vision is finding the beauty in unique, not always obvious ways, and letting the living material urban environment mimic natural habitats, shapes and colors. In one of a kind pieces of art, we bring living material and hard surface together as they create an integral relation and visual harmony.

As we are looking for inspiration from Nature, the most creative and timeless designer in the world, our flower arrangements, planters and living walls can be easily translated to any interior and exterior design, from the most contemporary to the elaborate classic. We are not just always in the hunt for unique plant material but also for finding new ways traditional plants can be used.

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Telephone: 305-987-7880

Crandon blvd., 939, Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

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